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Re: California Sues Microsoft for Monopoly Acts, Settles for MS Coupons

__/ [ M ] on Wednesday 03 May 2006 23:02 \__

> linuxiac wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Government entities will be able to obtain cash refunds for hardware and
>>> software purchases.
>>> Microsoft Settles Antitrust Suit in California
>>     *   *   *   Snipped off   *   *   * Read the Thread?  *
>> My experience...

Having had a first pass through your message, I appreciate the enlightening
opinions and thoughts...

>> in a action settlement with Microsoft, consumers in 39 states were to
>> receive a $5.00 voucher for certain licensed products purchased from
>> sometime in 1996 thruough sometime in 2002 (?).  I have the letter
>> around here somewhere...
>> Anyway, my collection of Microsoft products that didn't perform as
>> advertised, and were over priced, was a total of 29 product 'licenses',
>> or, in actuallity, software leases.

This might not be a most relevant exemplar, but what about data losses and
serious failures in Windows XP? The EULA somehow rids Microsoft from
liability for crucial disasters. GNU/Linux is at least making an open
statement. Whenever I SSH to Ubuntu, I get the following message:

,----[ Message ]
| The programs included with the Ubuntu system are freesoftware;
| the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
| individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.
| Ubuntu comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by
| applicable law.

>> The Catch 22 is that one must promise in writing that one will NEVER
>> become party to any lawsuit involving Microsoft!  There go my Rights!
> Sounds to me that the fox is in charge of the hen house. Not living in the
> US I didn't realise you got vouchers. I would have thought that you would
> want to buy from anyone else but Microsoft, so vouchers would be about as
> much use as a chocolate tea pot.
> <quote>
> Microsoft products that didn't perform as advertised.
> </quote>
> Chocolate tea pots don't fair much better.
> No wounder Microsoft does not give a stuff about anti-trust laws, I would
> imagine that they consider themselves fire proof.

In this case in California, they essentially put out/extinguish fire with

>> You see, Microsoft is a convicted thief, a multiple felon, on several
>> continents.  Microsoft is under charges in several countries at this
>> moment, for theft, monopoly price fixing, and violation of fair business
>> practices in more countries!  Definitely, proven in the fact, Microsoft
>> will tell you anything, promise you the moon, but, will NEVER deliver!
> That's never going to change until it starts hurting.

It is already hurting, which is why they pretend to be friendly to Open
Source (Hilf, Port25), among many other things.

>> So, I use, service, build, and install MacIntosh Systems, GNU/Linux
>> systems, and BSD systems.  Been doing these and other technology
>> solutions since 1965, on main and mini hardware, also.  Everyone I meet
>> gets FREE GNU/Linux and/or BSD LiveCDroms, from http://livecdlist.com
>> My favorite distro for LivbeCD is PCLinuxOS.
>> I prefer FrieSBIE, and the PC-BSD stuff in the BSD vein.
>> I agree with the intelligent people, that we simply want tools that
>> work, cars that run properly, and consumer goods that perform.
>> Microsoft is none of these, and will actually cause the hardware to run
>> slowly, and, break before it's time.
>> Life has been so much easier, these past 9 years, without the Evil
>> Empire and all the anxiety of 'Upgrades' that don't and 'Patches' that
>> won't.

I know exactly how you feel. The notions of maintenance and anxiety have
blown like a bubble ever since I moved /entirely/ to GNU/Linux. The
*entirety* of the move resolved any interoperability issues, as well.

>> My $0.02.  YMMV

I'll raise you a cent.

Best wishes,


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