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Re: [News] ARM Processors Linux Support

__/ [ Ray Ingles ] on Thursday 04 May 2006 14:57 \__

> On 2006-05-04, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| Atmel has announced that it has chosen TimeSys, the embedded
>>| Linux specialist, as the source of the primary Linux distribution
>>| mechanism for their latest ARM-based processors.
>> `----
>  Note that it's routine for CPU manufacturers to make sure that Linux
> supports their offerings if at all possible. That immediately makes a
> large amount of software available.
>  Atmel isn't adding ARM support per se, they are optimizing Linux to run
> particularly well on their particular ARMs. Note also that they are
> using this as a source of revenue, offering support for a fee.


I guess I opted for an overstatement in the subject line and I *did* pause
before posting it as-is. Atmel just wasn't a name to be recognised.

I was fully aware that Linux support for ARM was not (re-)'invented'. In
fact, back in 2002 I extended and programmed an ARM front-end that was using
GTK. Find it (even download it if you wish, but use HTTP as my host disabled
FTP) at:


There is also a freshmeat page, but it contains the older version from


> Oh, yeah, Linux will just eat away the IT economy like acid... by
> driving hardware sales and selling software services?

Your point reminded me of similar work over at AMD:

"AMD apparently wants to set up a research group in Dresden not only to
optimize Linux for its own processors, but also to integrate the
requirements of the open operating system in the development process for
future processor generations. At least, that's what three ads for the Fab 36
would seem to suggest: the company is looking for a Linux kernel developer,
a developer for the virtualization of operating systems, and a developer of
operating system tools for the 'Operating System Research Center' in


Intel are no exception:

Here's one:


    Red Hat and Intel announced today at LinuxWorld Boston that they
    would be entering a partnership to help customers "plan for,
    accelerate and optimize their deployments of Linux solutions."
    From the article: "'We're responding to what customers have told
    us they really need to support their advanced deployments of Linux
    and open source,' said Tim Yeaton, executive vice president of
    Enterprise Solutions at Red Hat. 'The programs Intel and Red Hat
    have selected are aimed at equipping customers with in-depth
    domain knowledge and providing hard core data to make complex
    architectural decisions.'"

Here's another:


We (Intel) are soon going to start an Open Source incubator

,----[ Snippet ]
| What is the status of Linux at Intel?
| For Intel, Linux is an important area. We are encouraging Linux on
| the development front. In India, we are aggressively working towards
| strengthening our presence in the Linux market...

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