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Re: [News] Linux+AMD: $100, Wintel: $400

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Intel Aims to Breach Digital Divide With Linux-Based Mobile PC
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Tentative designs call for a machine that uses one-tenth of the power
> | of conventional laptops, a 7-inch screen and the Linux operating system.
> | The project's partners include Google and AMD.
> | 
> | The head of the world's largest chip maker on Wednesday unveiled a
> | mobile personal computer designed to provide affordable
> | collaborative learning environments for teachers and students around
> | the world.
> | 
> | Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini said the US$400 machines --
> | code-named "Eduwise" -- will feature built-in wireless and will be
> | able to run Microsoft's Windows or the Linux operating system.
> `----
>                 http://www.linuxinsider.com/rsstory/50329.html

<odd quote>
In an earlier speech at the conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the
benefits of the global spread of technology are only starting to be felt.

"What we see going forward over the next five, ten, 15 years is a world of
technology that has the potential itself to be even more important than the
positive change it has enabled society in the past ten years," he said. 
<odd quote/>

So the /technology/ becomes more important than the benefit it conveys to
its users?   Has Steve been absorbed into the *Matrix* and now serves the
_machines_ ?

Texeme Textcasting powers

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