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Re: [News] Microsoft's 8 Signs of Death

An Thu, 04 May 2006 04:59:24 +0100, Roy Schestowitz hat geschreibt:

> The 8 signs and the bottom line:
> 1. Vista OS (...it appears to be little more than a gussied-up version of
> Windows XP. It appears as if it is going to be a great disappointment.)
> 2. Office 2007 (...If it is anything like Notes it will create a lot of
> anguish with users.)
> 3. MSN (...Why people keep encouraging Microsoft to go in this direction is
> baffling.)

I'm not sure "people" are encouraging Microsoft.  Bill Gates unless Bill
Gates is "people".

> 4. MSN Search Engine (...Again more of the same and pointless. Selling ads.)
> 5. Xbox360 (...This was an exhibition of poor planning and bad business
> intelligence gathering.)
> 6. Pad-based computing (...According to Gates just a few years back this was
> to become the dominant form of computing by now. What happened?)

Visionaries have had this vision since before the Newton.

> 7. Dot Net initiative (...soft has been unable to cope with Open Source
> except to complain about it.)

There are a lot of corporate projects they've sponsored by giving away a
lot of stuff to encourage a corporation to use dot net for development of
projects that they could use in advertising. It's attractive if the stuff
they are offering is of value and the project they want you to work on has
benefit to your company.  Too often its just a fluff project that looks
good on TV but adds no value.

> 8. Preoccupation with Google (...Now Microsoft is about to do a deal
> with Yahoo to flank Google. This old-lady-like skittishness is
> unbecoming for a company this size.)

Microsoft is preoccupied with any successful company in it's sphere of
influence. I call it the Gates doctrine.  If they can't dominate it, they
will attempt to ruin it.

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