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Re: Google ran out of capacity?

__/ [ tonnie ] on Thursday 04 May 2006 21:56 \__

> www.1-script.com wrote:
>> Interesting discussion going on on Webmaster's world:
>> http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum30/34147.htm
>> titled "Google CEO admits, "We have a huge machine crisis ", a sort of a
>> hardware-inclined angle at Google's recent indexing problems. I know some
>> people in this group would say: ?what indexing problems??, but I have no
>> doubt they are struggling right now.

In terms of crawling, the last time I checked they were only *third* in that
trail which involves Inktomi/Yahoo Slurp and MSN(Bot). The crawling capacity
did not appear to come down. It is the rivals that began crawling like
crazy. Knowing that it's *hardware* in question, could it be that the
world's bandwidth capacity is being exploited and essentially 'stolen' by
some of Google's competitors?

>> Check it out. Interesting read. I personally agree with people saying:
>> "need more space? get rid  of the supplemental cache!". There's more to
>> it, obviously, - you'll see when you get there.
>> I hope it's accessible without login - my browser logs me in by itself, so
>> I wouldn't know.
> Why should Google ran out of memory while the storage and capacity of
> data is getting more easier and cheaper?

Pages get more complex, algorithms get more sophisticated, and the extent of
the Web grows exponentially.

> The whole story is based on an attempt to explain what is happening.
> But is nothing more than a "maybe that happend".
> Truth is they f.cked up with their latest update, that had to be an
> attempt to get a grip on the exploding traffic. Hence their solution to
> build a cache in wich not only the 'googlebot' is delivering what was
> found on a site, also the visit of Mediapartners and a special blog-bot
> are delivering their data into that cache.
> Something went terribly wrong in archiving and evaluating that information.
> Next to that, you could have noticed that your site 'in the new
> structure' (not every site is in that structure!) is visited only from 1
> IP instead of visits from different datacentra in the 'old situation'.
> This and the earlier mentioned cache problems are creating a huge crisis
> at Google.
> Just my 2cents and verry humble opinion!

Intersting opinion, Tonnie.

> I have writen an article about that, unfortunatly it, for the moment, is
> only available in Dutch!

I was going to use Google for translation (simply because of that American
flag among their icons in GoogleBar), but they do no Dutch.
Use Babelfish instead...


No direct address because they use temporary URL's and embed all in a

Many thanks,


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