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Re: (OT: KNode Filters)

__/ [ trevor ] on Friday 05 May 2006 12:19 \__

>> KNode filters and KNode as a whole are probably not most predictable.
>> There are a few known bugs, so don't exclude that as a possibility. That
>> said, see if a certain rule unintentionally affects something. Also bear
>> in mine that scores are cumulative and changing of the filters will not
>> reverse and annul existing scores. Handle with care. *smile*
> uh...oops.
> OK, maybe the problem is with default scoring being assigned as a negative
> value. is there a way i can toggle the default score universally?

I am not entirely sure what you mean (ambiguity again), but how about if you
highlight multiple messages/threads, open context menu and "watch" (or just
hit "W")? This will raise the scores to positive territory, namely 100. It
will raise it out of the sewage if what you wish to do is revert to a better
state. Be careful though. You could lose the ability to discern watched from
unwatched threads. In A.W.W. it's a huge gamble...

>> PS(OT) - Are both SHIFT's and the CAPS Lock broken? It's just slightly
>> distracting, but some people seem to prefer that.
> nope. do you have a killfile ruleset configured with multiple kill params?
> can i reproduce?

Yes, hold on... (as it's difficult to copy a GUI state, I'll pass you the
settings files)

Here's my ~/.kde/share/apps/knode/filters/filters.rc 

,----[ filters.rc ]
| Active=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
| Menu=1,-1,2,3,4,7,-1,8,5,6

(be careful, however, as we use different versions of KNode)

Here's my ~/.kde/share/apps/knode/scorefile

<?xml version = '1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE Scorefile>
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="Short" >
    <Group name=".*" />
    <Expression expr="20" neg="0" type="SMALLER" header="Lines" />
    <Action value="#ff0000" type="COLOR" />
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="Roy" >
    <Group name=".*" />
    <Expression expr="schestowitz" neg="0" type="CONTAINS" header="From" />
    <Action value="#ffff00" type="COLOR" />
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="GG" >
    <Group name=".*" />
    <Expression expr="google" neg="0" type="CONTAINS" header="Message-ID" />
    <Action value="#00ffff" type="COLOR" />
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="Followup" >
    <Group name=",*" />
    <Expression expr="schestowitz\.com>$" neg="0" type="MATCH"
header="Message-ID" />
    <Action value="#00ff00" type="COLOR" />
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="Followup to Followup" >
    <Group name=".*" />
    <Expression expr="schestowitz\.com>.*&lt;" neg="0" type="MATCH"
header="Message-ID" />
    <Action value="#008000" type="COLOR" />
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="Humanism" >
    <Group name="uk.philosophy.humanism" />
    <Expression expr="Antimulticulture" neg="0" type="CONTAINS" header="From"
    <Action value="-100" type="SETSCORE" />
  <Rule expires="never" linkmode="AND" name="KNode" >
    <Group name=".*" />
    <Expression expr="knode" neg="0" type="CONTAINS" header="Subject" />
    <Action value="#00ff00" type="COLOR" />

You can probably overwrite your existing file/s and then modify to suit your
own preferences. At least one rule has multiple conditions.

> thanks so much :) recent posters have disturbed me with insults to persons
> whom i consider friends.

Killfile is for better life, as ironic (oxymorinic) as it may seem.

Best wishes,


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