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Re: Page rank and URL's

__/ [ Borek ] on Friday 05 May 2006 18:11 \__

> On Fri, 05 May 2006 18:05:58 +0200, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> If true, this indicates that many  CMS packages are flawed (or
>> non-optimal)
>> from an (Google-centric) SEO perspective...
>> Can you point to something which backs this? If there is a reference I
>> can
>> show, perhaps we can change the way WordPress handles URL's (permalinks)
>> in
>> Apache's .htaccess.
> http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum34/377.htm
> See Woz post.
> But that I googled, that's not the source I saw before.
> However, as I see it it is a problem only for new pages, established ones
> have propery calculated PR. That's why I always add "in some
> circumstances" when posting about subdirectories PR :)
> Best,
> Borek

Ahhhh.... I see... thanks for the link, Borek. Muchly appreciated!

Meanwhile  I  have  been looking at the WordPress code, which  builds  all
URL's  with  trailing slashes by default. In fact, the whole  thing  could
make    you    wonder   if   addition   of   relevant    'levels',    e.g.
/category/internet/2006/my-page.html   ,  should  actually  drain   ranks.
Context  is often (if not always) a positive thing and directory structure
can  provide that. Assuming no re-write rules, it's the difference between
~/my_page  and  ~/my_page/index.html  (or  whatever  other  extension   is
assumed),  which  transparently translates to ~/my_page/ . When I come  to
think  about  it, search engines merge ~/my_page/ anf ~/my_page ,  so  why
should one surpass another? It is difficult to see.

I  guess  one could write a simple rule to just strip off of any  trailing
slash  (last  character strictly) in any URL. I don't think this can  ever
have  a detrimental effect, but having said that, I suppose search engines
drop that slash already.

Many thanks,

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