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Re: Page rank and URL's

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ahhhh.... I see... thanks for the link, Borek. Muchly appreciated!
> Meanwhile  I  have  been looking at the WordPress code, which  builds 
> all URL's  with  trailing slashes by default.

Depending on how the page is generated, the trailing slash might be added 

> In fact, the whole 
> thing  could make    you    wonder   if   addition   of   relevant   
> 'levels',    e.g. /category/internet/2006/my-page.html   ,  should 
> actually  drain   ranks.

No, it doesn't.

> Context  is often (if not always) a positive
> thing and directory structure can  provide that.

In an URL there are no such things as a directory structure. Just think of 
it as a coincidence that in some cases the path of a URL is mapped on a 
directory structure.

> I  guess  one could write a simple rule to just strip off of any 
> trailing slash  (last  character strictly) in any URL. I don't think
> this can  ever have  a detrimental effect, but having said that, I
> suppose search engines drop that slash already.

Depends on how your software is configured. If you use a program to build 
pages for webserver requests


might work

If you make a foo directory with bar sub directory, with in bar index.html


Is redirected to


and the webserver returns index.html.

John                  Freelance Perl programmer: http://castleamber.com/

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