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Re: Xfce 4.4 beta 1 ( released

After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o' wisdom:

> __/ [ BearItAll ] on Tuesday 09 May 2006 13:18 \__
>> Linonut wrote:
>>> http://www.xfce.org
>>> I loaded it using this binary installer (configures and builds inside a
>>> GUI wrapper):
> Bear is right. This needs some context.
> http://www.xfce.org/

1.  That is the first link I posted.

2.  Even if I did not, the savvy user can easily extract the home
   portion of the full URL of the bin file.

> For offline reading:
> ,----[ Command ]
> | wget -r http://www.xfce.org/ # evil grin
> `----

I use:

   wget -c -r -N -nH -np

> Translucency in xfce? Doesn't that beat the purpose or conflicts with the
> idealogy and intent of fit/scale?

Nah.  It's off by default.

>>> The desktop now supports icons (a feature I don't really care about).
> This strikes a nerve as I don't care for them either. I use to be the very
> opposite  --  a desktop plagued with as many objects as possible (like  my
> Web  browser  at  the moment). Ever since the transition,  my  desktop  is
> virtually  clean with the exception of kgpg, system monitor and mail  tray
> notifier, which consume just 30x100 pixels combined. All else (including 6
> panels)  is  automatically hidden. Less clutter, more keyboard  shortcuts,
> and   more  mouse  gestures.  More  real  estate  and   fewer  unnecessary
> distractions.

I agree.  But the xfce panel let's you add a "Show Desktop" widget if
that floats yer boat.

> For what it's worth and for "New Linux users" as you mentioned, there is
> the possibility of combining this light-weight environment with an exce-
> llent Linux distribution -- an 'of of the box' experience:
> http://www.xubuntu.org/
> Only yesterday(/the day before yesterday),  Mark Shuttleworth  announced
> the approach to this team of developers:
>                 LinuxTag: Ubuntu offers three desktops
>                 http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/72823

Cool info, Roy!

Tux rocks!

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