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Re: installing and uninstalling on Linux

__/ [ BlackTopBum ] on Monday 08 May 2006 23:59 \__

> Roy Schestowitz said something like a ...
>> I  accept  your argument. As I said before, the lack of tone  left  much
>> place  for  ambiguity. I wasn't doing anything vainly. I was just  baffled
>> when  I read that sentence twice and thought that somebody else might feel
>> the  same,
> Truly text-only communication is limited and it would appear I'm at fault
> for being a bit snippy ... apologies.
>> i.e. be led to think that Synaptic needs to be installed,  for
>> which you may need an installer like Synaptic.
> Okay, I'm down with that - and I better understand you. Sorry for the
> confusion. apt-get could install Synaptic <grins>.
> Since there is a need to clarify, what I meant by "... You can get
> the programs for installing via several sources on the net" is "that there
> are several internet sources for the programs (applications) you may wish
> to put in" (now the implied portion ... "which can be installed with
> apt-get / Synaptic, or even make ./config").
>> Have  a nice day and remember that people in the newsgroups baheve  calmly
>> although  the cold appearance of words of phrases conceals it.
> Enjoy yours, too.


>> I  have corresponded with Aragorn several times before (usually Lnarke and
>> COLA)  and I hope to bump into you in the future without any such friction
>> getting in the way..
> COLA !? Now don't laugh when I say this, but I avoid such newgroups because
> there's too much wangling <grins> without benefit to either party.

I fully agree that the discussions entail little or no benefits to the group
participants. However, COLA is mirrored in many sites and via our friend
Google it reaches the attention of many Linux wonderers. It needs to reflect
positively on the platform, IMO. The 'rioters' in COLA have created enough
negative vibe, which has echoes as far as digg.com. On one occasion, a
message from COLA reached TV.

__/ [ BlackTopBum ] added on Tuesday 09 May 2006 00:05 \__

> LOFL at myself. I meant "wrangling" ! OTH, maybe "wangling" could sorta fit
> COLA <g>.

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