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Re: installing and uninstalling on Linux

__/ [ BlackTopBum ] on Monday 08 May 2006 13:43 \__

> Roy Schestowitz said something like a ...
>> What is the matter with you? I wrote this politely. The lack of tone
>> perhaps made this seem ambiguous. Why do you have to become hostile?
> It matters not if it was written politely of no - stuff your peeve. I don't
> know you and have never "spoken" to you. Your first comments ever to me
> were out of line ... snobbish even. Your first communication to me was
> insulting. Besides, I did mean "the" - see I'm not British and haven't that
> background. I have a differing manner of speech. However, if it were say
> Aragorn who made your comments (he'd never say something as you), I'd have
> been more receptive since there is an history between us. Also, OP hasn't
> sought clarification from me - so don't go putting words in my mouth !
> Now then, I can play nice if you're a mind too.

I  accept  your argument. As I said before, the lack of /tone/  left  much
place  for  ambiguity. I wasn't doing anything vainly. I was just  baffled
when  I read that sentence twice and thought that somebody else might feel
the  same,  i.e. be led to think that Synaptic needs to be installed,  for
which you may need an installer like Synaptic.

Have  a nice day and remember that people in the newsgroups baheve  calmly
although  the cold appearance of words of phrases conceals it. By the way,
I  have corresponded with Aragorn several times before (usually Lnarke and
COLA)  and I hope to bump into you in the future without any such friction
getting in the way..


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