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Re: .net to Java plugin (Re: 11 Reasons Why .NET Will Fail)

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4418702.bOD5kkHM0K@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
__/ [ Oliver Wong ] on Tuesday 09 May 2006 15:08 \__

"asj" <kalim1998@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Here's a new plugin to convert all dem C# apps to Java: https://net2java.dev.java.net/DNJGuide.html

I took a look at it, and it seems to require a mapping from the .NET
library to the J2SE API library. Unfortunately, sometimes there doesn't
exist a one-to-one mapping between a class in one library to the other. The
page doesn't explain what it plans to do to handle those cases.

I.e. the easy parts are done, but the hard parts aren't even addressed,
which causes me to lack confidence in this project.

I was once assigned the task of finding C++ to Java convertors and, from what
I can recall, it was too complex to become practical. Let me try to find a
thread which is relevant...




So, without much manual work, this is less than feasible, let alone pragmatic
(or programmatic to use a pun). The scale of the existing C++ library makes
this a /huge/ project.

Right, but the OP was about C# to Java, not C++ to Java. The former is actually quite easy, from a syntactical point of view. It's just that converting API calls, as you've said, is a huge project.

On the other hand, when you said "the .NET API", people have a more or less good idea of what library you're talking about. My understanding is that with C++, there is no "one standard library".

- Oliver

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