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Re: .net to Java plugin (Re: 11 Reasons Why .NET Will Fail)

__/ [ Oliver Wong ] on Tuesday 09 May 2006 15:08 \__

> "asj" <kalim1998@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1147180338.293563.79050@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Here's a new plugin to convert all dem C# apps to Java:
>> https://net2java.dev.java.net/DNJGuide.html
>     I took a look at it, and it seems to require a mapping from the .NET
>     API
> library to the J2SE API library. Unfortunately, sometimes there doesn't
> exist a one-to-one mapping between a class in one library to the other. The
> page doesn't explain what it plans to do to handle those cases.
>     I.e. the easy parts are done, but the hard parts aren't even addressed,
> which causes me to lack confidence in this project.
>     - Oliver

I was once assigned the task of finding C++ to Java convertors and, from what
I can recall, it was too complex to become practical. Let me try to find a
thread which is relevant...




So, without much manual work, this is less than feasible, let alone pragmatic
(or programmatic to use a pun). The scale of the existing C++ library makes
this a /huge/ project.

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