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Re: Walmart Linux computers - what's the experience?

__/ [ hakro807@xxxxxxxxx ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 16:37 \__

>>Are you looking to become a Linux seller?
> Thought never crossed my mind.. :-] It actually has but I'm not sure if
> I could pull it of. I believe the corporate sector shuld be primary
> address in such a case as its user doesn't play games more advanced
> than Solitary.

That's could be intersting Freudian slip. They would probably play Solitaire,
which as a phrase could describe them as *ahem*.. wankers.

> I like the idea of Linux as I believe the dominant OS should not be
> controlled by a single private entity. Still, at the moment few reasons
> exist for a normal user to use a Linux flavor in favor of Windows XP.
> XP may have its viruses but Windows security has walked a long way
> since Windows 98 and with decent AV and patched system most users will
> never have any kind of problem. Stability? XP can run for months
> without the need for a reboot. And most users turn on and off their
> computers far more often than that. Cost? A OEM Windows license can be
> had for $70-90, sometimes less. It equals what, less than 10 cents/day
> if the computer is used for three years. All the major open software
> projects (GIMP, OpenOffice etc) have ports for Windows and along with a
> plethora of other Windows-only freeware the Windows license is the only
> expense needed.

I carefully read what you have to say. My instant reaction: this is the
typical trail of thought that you find in long-time Windows users (I used to
be one for many years), yet rarely find in the minds of those who conveyed
and perceive both 'worlds' as different and very innately understand the

> At the end of the day I do wish one unified _desktop_ linux distro
> would exist, I believe it would help to spread Linux to the masses. Of
> course this will happen in due time, distros will merge, the KDE/Gnome
> mess will sort out and so on.

If you think that the KDE/GNOME separation is detrimental, you are misled.
The two projects work in collaboration and agree on standards. KDE
applications can run in GNOME and vice versa. They work in conjunction too.
It is /choice/ which gives power and gives one a handle on how many
resources can be afforded (e.g. legacy hardware) or how much you one is
willing to spare (e.g. backroom Web server).

__/ [ hakro807@xxxxxxxxx ] added on Sunday 07 May 2006 16:43 \__

>>Does it /require/ IE6 in practice? With Firefox, all you need to do is
>>install (READ: click on) the User Agent Switcher extension and.... you're
>>in! This works for all of these vain banking systems that turn away
>>anything other than IE5.5/IE6. The only exception can be ActiveX control,
>>but in banking, they are irrelevant.
> It's a exe-file and require the Windows enviroment. I haven't messed
> around to get it working in Linux as my laptop (a lovely Thinkpad X40)
> is running XP. Not saying it can't be done, just haven't looked into
> it.

You can run exe-files using one among many applications. Those that
immediately come to mind: Wine, Crossover Office, Win4Lin. A solution as
such *does* exist. People are playing Windows games on Linux. To name just
one example, which I happened to have gone past this morning:


It's not complicated to set up.

> Still, thanks for your suggestions!

You're very welcome. Without this amendment, I (would have) found your
previous reply somewhat impolite or insensitive. But don't take me
seriously; I tend to be mind-penetrating at times... *smile*

Best wishes,


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