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Re: Linux Books: Free as in Free Beer

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ George Ellison (undercover) ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 14:41 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Pictorial desktop Linux books available for free download
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Book publisher In Pictures announced this week that it has added new
>>> | how-to books on desktop Linux (Linspire Five-O), and the four
>>> | OpenOffice.org programs (Base, Calc, Impress, Writer) to its catalog.
>>> | The books are all designed for new and relatively new users.
>>> |
>>> | "They're part of our new In Pictures series, computer how-to books
>>> | based on pictures, not text," In Pictures spokesman Chris Charuhas
>>> | told DesktopLinux.com. "Most computer books contain 50,000 to 100,000
>>> | words, but these contain only 5,000 or so. They're great for bringing
>>> | newbies up to speed."
>>> `----
>>> http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS6203677543.html
>>> Note: screen-quality PDF is free, print-quality (27MB) is not.
>> I have nothing but the utmost pity for anyone who needs a friggin book
>> to 'get up to speed' with Linspire. It's pretty much point-n-shoot.
> That's just what I tell my mom about Thunderbird, but she never wants to
> /explore/ an application unless  she has a soft cover book at hand, from
> which she can learn step-by-step.  It is something to do with antiquated
> notions and mental barriers.

I still prefer so sit down and read a book when it comes to either new
computer languages or operating system. I found it far easy to get into the
comfort zone with linux once I had managed to find the right book and read
it. For me the online help comes into it's own when I am trying to either
understand or solve a particular problems. Here Linux, and specifically
(k)ubuntu, have some *excellent* (and friendly) resources.

For applications I am happy to use the online help when required, but for
meatier subjects you can't beat a good (paper) book :-).

May be it's an age thing I don't know?



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