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Re: [NEWS] OpenOffice Foundation to MA: We have a plugin

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ B Gruff ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 09:50 \__
>> On Sunday 07 May 2006 09:02 Roy Schestowitz wrote:

<interesting discusion snip for brevity>

> Also bear in mind that Macs are perceived as the appliances for young, hip
> people (blame the iPod if you wish) and Linux is seen as the O/S for the
> mischievous hackers and outcasts (beards, ponytails, anyone?)... /whereas/
> Windows is portrayed by people it suits, equipped with a modern tablet.
> Many people see Bill Gates as a model in that respect. Sadly, senior and
> thus decision-making staff, see themselves better assimilated to (or
> striving to become) Bill Gates. They loathe hip people whose looks (much
> as in OS X) exceeds theirs and they cannot stand for rebelion and neglect
> of monetary principles (GNU).

Interesting way of looking at things :-)

Traditionally Apple have always seem to me to be the most expensive computer
on the block, and have also tried to tie the consumer into Hardware lock
in. I don't know if that is still true, but has always been my perception
in the past, and why I have never bought apple products. Even if you look
at mp3 players, I have seen reviews that show there are better alternatives
to the iPod. Young hip people that buy Apple have always struck me as
people who have got money to burn.

When it comes to Linux, either people have never heard of it or don't know
what it is. For those that have herd of it, the perception I seem to get
from most people is that it is an OS built by engineers for engineers, in
other words you need to be very computer literate, and know what you are
doing. Needless to say these people have never tried (k)ubuntu, PCLinixOS

I think with a lot of Corporations using Windows, do so because everyone
else does. You would think with all the security problems that have dogged
windows, the one type of institution that would be using a more robust OS
would be Building Societies and Banks, but they aren't, they are using
Windows, at least they seem to be in the UK.

For Corporations still using Win 2K it will be interesting to see which way
they will eventually jump. 

Open Source also doesn't seem to be understood either. They like the idea
that you can pick the phone up, ring your vendor, and they will sort the
problem out for you.

BTW Looks like Dell will sell you a PC with Red Hat on it here in the UK. I
wounder how long will it be until others decide to follow suit.




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