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Re: Laptop with an "excellent" screen ?

__/ [ William Saens ] on Saturday 06 May 2006 20:31 \__

> "Trevor George" <tgNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:EEXPf.101972$Q22.99600@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hi all ..... I'm looking for a laptop mostly for "Photoshop" use, so
>> ideally it needs
>> an "excellent" screen which will resolve pale tones as well as possible.
>> I know the flat screens don't resolve as well as a good CRT screen, but I
>> was just
>> curious if anyone could point me in the right direction with a recommended
>> maker or
>> model or even a web-link would be nice, before I plunge headlong into my
>> (favourite)
>> Computer Store.
> Sony Vaio...... see it and it is so good you may not believe it.
> Willie

I'd  second  that suggestion. The screens on the Vaio are bright  and  the
surface  is  glossy.  This  gives a very  appealing  overall  look,  which
accentuates  out colours and makes a good overall impression. Just be sure
not to view your overall work in some old CRT's and cheap LCD's... it will
shatter your confidence in what you worked hard to produce... *wink*

Best wishes,


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