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Re: new laptop.acer or asus.

  • Subject: Re: new laptop.acer or asus.
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 10:48:45 +0100
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.sys.laptops
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Dennis Pogson ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 09:27 \__

> Biker wrote:
>> tbm wrote:
>>> hi group,thinking of new laptop.opinions please,acer or asus.many
>>> thanks.rgds to all from TBM...
>> Last year me a two of my friends bought the Acer 1674 all singing all
>> dancing, at a cost of £1100 each all 3 of them have been back to acer
>> for dvd replacement. All 3 of them have developed a fault where they
>> keep re-booting there self. My one has been back to Acer 5 times for
>> repair, 4 new DVD+ - R and a reboot issue plus a problem with the
>> sound card. It is with them now and I am waiting for them to send me
>> the price it is going to cost me to get it fixed yet again. The
>> guarantee run out a couple of month's ago, the last repair was in
>> January, now they want to charge me for the repair that it has
>> already been back once for. I would not ever buy another Acer as long
>> as I live. They look good on paper, but since I have owned it,  it
>> has been with them 5 times for repair. The other 2 have also been
>> back for repair Both have had the DVD Roms replaced and both have had
>> the motherboard replaced one had a problem with the on board NIC so
>> they replaced the motherboard. The other one like mine kept
>> re-booting.
>> My advice is, well I think the above says it all..
> Previous posts have complained about the Asus wi-fi being prone to faults.
> So the answer must be "neither".

It might as well be true. I have come across some Asus laptops in the past
(not mine) and they tend to have some faults at a fairly basic level, e.g.
keyboard buttons break. I don't hear about Asus in a positive context, but
having  said  that, I came across their name in the context of  their  new
Ultra-Mobile  PC, much like that of Samsung. It was only a couple of  days
ago, so perhaps they are doing better than I imagined.

Best wishes,


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