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Re: new laptop.acer or asus.

  • Subject: Re: new laptop.acer or asus.
  • From: Andreas Schulze-Bäing <mibmab@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 21:53:37 +0100
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.sys.laptops
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Am Fri, 12 May 2006 18:08:57 +0100 schrieb Alan Comish:

> In message <3792470.3Ik8g3ZrDl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Roy Schestowitz 
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>>It might as well be true. I have come across some Asus laptops in the past
>>(not mine) and they tend to have some faults at a fairly basic level, e.g.
>>keyboard buttons break. I don't hear about Asus in a positive context, but
>>having  said  that, I came across their name in the context of  their  new
>>Ultra-Mobile  PC, much like that of Samsung. It was only a couple of  days
>>ago, so perhaps they are doing better than I imagined.
>>Best wishes,
> Hi
> I was just about to splash out £2k on a new Asus however reading the 
> above has set the alarm bells ringing.  The last thing I need is an 
> unreliable laptop.  I settled on Asus because I thought it was a quality 
> brand, seems I may be wrong.

Unlike many other brands Asus is actually also a manufacturer of laptops as
well. This means they also produce for other brands, such as Apple or Sony. 
I bought an Asus M68Ne model last year - and so far it is very reliable. I
had to use the service once - and the laptop was back in about 4 days.
Recently i heard that part of the Asus European service centers were
reorganised - i don't know which impact this had on the quality of the UK
Generally speaking you should also be aware of the fact that most brands
market cheapy models for the consumer and more expensive models for the
business customer. In terms of quality i would always go for the business
series of one of the major brands, even if these might not have the latest
graphics chips and biggest harddrives. At the moment these would be the
T-series of Lenovo, FSC Lifebooks, Samsung X-Series, Toshiba Tecra, HP
nx/nc, Asus V.  Apart from that I would not put too much focus on the brand
name, you can end up with a perfect model from a brand and one year later
the new series from the same brand is of much less quality. An exception to
this rule might be the T-series of Lenovo (formerly known as IBM). But it
remains to be seen how their quality and service develops.


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