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Re: Google Earth Coming to Linux

  • Subject: Re: Google Earth Coming to Linux
  • From: Chris Wilkinson <blobster@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 18:14:13 +1000
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Hi there,

Kavoorka wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

(He said this to me in an E-mail last year, but the interview confirms this)

,----[ Quote ]
| Mad Penguin: Google is involved with OpenOffice.org and Mozilla. What
| other open source project are they part of or have people working on?
| Chris DiBona: Well you know we've got a bunch of kernel folks, we've
| got folks all over Apache, we are very heavily represented in Subversion,
| and we've given donations to a great variety of groups and we are members
| of a number of others. Kinda endless right now.
| MP: You mentioned Google Earth is going to be ported to Linux. Is that
| going to be running with Winelib?
| CD: We said that at the end of last year. No, that's a native port.
| The original version uses Qt with OpenGL.
| [...]
| MP: What percentage of the desktops at Google are running Linux
| versus Windows?
| CD: Probably way more than half. I don't know the exact ratios
| though. All the developers use it and most of the engineers and
| sysadmins.


Only a fews years late and many dollars short. I bet the world can hardly wait for a command line version of google earth.

Linux = command line in your book huh? Or is it that you're trolling? I suspect the latter...

Don't you get tired of dribbling out the same blatant lies?
Just like your mate DFS failure for you is not an option, it
is the *only* thing that will happen to you...

Kind regards,

Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
Anyone wishing to email me directly can remove the obvious
spamblocker, and replace it with  t p g <dot> c o m <dot> a u

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