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Re: [News] Microsoft Lies to Subvert Competition

__/ [ Jerry McBride ] on Friday 12 May 2006 00:17 \__

> Mathew P. wrote:
>> On 2006-05-11, Tim Smith spake thusly:
>>> In article <5872045.LfQeZhQaBx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Roy Schestowitz quoted:
>>>>Since an Xbox 360 costs around $399, that leaves just $200 for the
>>>>Nintendo machine. Nintendo has said in the past that the Wii won't sport
>>>>the very latest technology - it's pitching the product at much at
>>>>less-demanding casual gamers as hardcore players - so it's entirely
>>>>possible the company will pitch the price low.
>>> That's very misleading.  First, the Wii won't have the "latest" graphics
>>> and CPU technology, but it will have by far the latest controller
>>> technology. The XBox360 and the PS3 are stone-age technology in
>>> comparison.
>>> Watch some of the videos from E3 to see how big an impact the controller
>>> technology has.
>>> Second, they are aiming the Wii at all gamers.  It will have a lot of
>>> appeal to casual or non-gamers that the XBox* and PS* lack, but it is
>>> also going to be very appealing to hard-core gamers.
>> I have an Xbox, and I have found it very enjoyable. I was in gamestop in
>> the mall yesterday, where I stop from time to time. the Xbox wall was
>> hopping with new realeases and affordable used, same with PS. You could
>> heare the crickets in the sales area for the Xbox360 machines and
>> software. I heard a gamer talking to a sales person:
>> <quote>
>> Gamer: Have they [Microsoft] worked the bugs out of the 360 yet?
>> Sales person: I haven't heard any *good* news about it.
>> </quote>
>> I didn't know there were problems with the 360 other than sales,
>> but frankly, it dosen't suprise me. As for the original Xbox, I don't
>> know that it is or is not for the "serious" gamer. I just have
>> fun, and that suits my needs.
>> regards,
>> Mathew
> The xbox360 suffers/suffered from faulty power supplies. Next in line are
> pieces of debris floating around inside the case from broken off heat sinks
> and retainters. Some were just DEAD OUT OF THE BOX... Oh yeah... some of
> the consoles dvd drives etch a groove into your game dvd while you are busy
> playing...
> All in all, pretty much normal for MicroSoft....

There are financial issues:

Ballmer confident Xbox 360 losses will turn around

,----[ Quote ]
| SHY AND RETIRING number two at Microsoft, Steve 'sounds of silence'
| Ballmer, has sent a quiet email to staff saying that he expects that
| all that cash lost so far on the Xbox360 will become profit one day.
| [...]
| Ballmer humbly admitted that the cost of producing Xbox 360 consoles
| was a wee bit higher than expected.


As well as technical issues. One among several:

Why am I not surprised?


,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently, Szarek has had not one faulty Xbox 360, not two, not even
| three. No, he's had four, count 'em, four malfunctioning Xboxes, and he's
| pissed, especially since he read that the console's maker, Microsoft,
| feels customers who complain about faulty Xboxes should take their
| gripes elsewhere.

I heard many stories such as this. Even /flatfish/ claims to have bought 2
XBoxes for his son only to see them break. From a PR point-of-view
(confidence in hardware), this is very damaging. I hope that Microsoft
mouses (mice) do not start popping and melting in my hands...

Best wishes,


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