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Re: Google Dropping Paged (Was: Need help)

  • Subject: Re: Google Dropping Paged (Was: Need help)
  • From: "SID" <sid.calcutta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 11 May 2006 10:19:27 -0700
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I have located atleast one mistake made by me out of inadvertance, it
was the beginning of  my website venture when i was absolutely novish.
I created a page header.php that would contain header information and
some text containing keyword ( one occurance only in H1 tag ). I was
never in a mind to hide that from my visitors. But the Ad-banner
inserted by the host would overlap that.Also i use position:absolute in
my style sheet definition . So you can assume what has happened. That
header.php got overlapped with the inserted Ad-banner at the top of my
webpage. I really forgot all about that . Now i was scrutinising every
aspect of my first serious site and guess that has done the blunder.
Anyway before making any re-inclusion request i want to check whether
it is totally correct.
However, i really gained nothing from Google for that overlapped
header.php as my site would come rarely in the result page. Rather i
get good response from msn as well as Yahoo!
Let me take a rest for a while almost constantly watching the
developments over the past twenty-three hours and please do not thrash
me out of this race.

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