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Re: Google Dropping Paged (Was: Need help)

  • Subject: Re: Google Dropping Paged (Was: Need help)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 17:11:31 +0100
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ www.1-script.com ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 16:55 \__

> SID wrote:
>> Just now i have found that my site http://www.clicknearn.siteburg.com/
>> is no more indexed in Google, i'm really confused! Fairly new to this
>> world, i even do not have much about SEOs and all, forget about
>> employing SEO tricks.
>> One point i must tell, my server was down for a span of seven days
>> nearly two weeks ago, that may be the cause of such action.
>> Otherwise, I really can't guess what has happened.
>> Also i've heard that i can request Google for a re-inclusion in their
>> index. Can anyone please tell    me the link.
>> Most dissapointing fact about this site is that i was working hard to
>> make it content rich day by day adding new pages one after another.I
>> have spent many hours to improve its quality, and just before this
>> occurance and at the same time learnt few basics of web-technologies,
>> it was picking up good position in Google search for popular search
>> terms. Page rank was also improving gradually.
>> Everything was going nice and fine upto this point, and now i am really
>> scared, confused, do not know where to lodge a request.
>> I cannot consider acquiring a new domain name as i've fairly good rank
>> in msn and Yahoo.
>> So, you can guess, what my situation is.
>> Thanks a lot in anticipation of some good "To-do" guide.
> Hey SID,
> There has certainly been a lot said about your (Google's?) problems last
> night (those guys in Europe really do have a head start on Internet
> discussions, don't they? ;-))

Without any /offence/ intended, America seems to be lagging behind, IT-wise.
The /trend/ seems to indicate this, by some rather artificial means.


,----[ Quote ]
| Seven of the top 10 teams were from Europe, and just one from the
| United States: MIT placed 8th, managing to solve 5 of the 10 problems
| in less than 14 hours.
| The poor U.S. showing could provide new fuel for the debate over
| whether U.S. computer programmers lag behind the rest of the world
| when it comes to talent. 

> I think I can add something looking at it from a technical prospective. I
> would hate to retype a long message I posted here yesterday addressed to a
> poor soul also struggling with Google (
> ) but your site shows a lot of commonality with his problems and you add a
> sprinkle of your own ones to it.

Thanks for all the information. I am affected as well, so it has been
valuable knowing the cause.

> I think it's pretty well established right now that G has some problems.
> It does not, however, help if your site is adding to the complexity of the
> situation.
> Your site is suffering from the same problem with non-www and www versions
> of the homepage being looked at as duplicate pages. Correct that.
> Additionally, your HTML is not valid. I'm not saying that mine is ;-) but
> in your case you have something before your document type definition
> declaration:

Unless the site is run by some very strict CMS (and only one such system),
this can be hard to change or reverse. I am hoping that your comment only
refer to short-term impact rather than foresight.

> <div?class="header">(LF)
> This would throw ANY search engine's parsers off even during stable times,
> let alone these turbulent ones. Doctype is a pretty important tag because
> it steers the parsers towards properly getting data from your pages. Just
> make it the very first line in your code.
> Also, if you are serious about your site, do get your own hosting. It
> costs on the order of $3 per month for starters. Right now you may also be
> suffering from any potential penalty imposed onto  siteburg.com. I don't
> know if there is one, but if there is, you'll suffer too.

I fully agree, on both accounts.

> Lastly, my own Google problems led me to think that totally relying on a
> free search engine traffic is simply not a viable business strategy. It is
> VERY important, but it is not the only way people get traffic. The better
> one is to actually develop your site to the point where people, once
> visited, would want to return. If they do, this is THE traffic that you
> can live by.

Agreed again, but it all comes down (to me at least) to the question: what is
the site intended to achieve?

Best wishes,


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