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Re: Need help

__/ [ SID ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 07:05 \__

> Yes Roy,
> i was indexed in Google's index, almost all the pages were indexed but
> the number of pages would vay from one only at times to twenty-four.
> Please take not of the fact that i've no control of the Advertisements
> shown at the top of my webpages as those are inserted by the host. It
> was a test site hosted using FREE webhosts, so i've no control over the
> advertisements shown there.
> Yes, i appreciate it looks something like promotional, i was just
> working on that and though you found a PR 1 for the home page, but i
> was lifted to PR3 for someother pages of   that website, which are more
> rich with content.
> Roy, i'm really scared. Now i've understood the symptoms of getting
> de-indexed in Google.
> I have oflate hosted another website, a CMS ( that i've tried to
> develop using my small PHP knowledge), it gives me some return from
> Adsense as well till date. It shows different products from some
> sellers (affiliate link you can say, please do not take it as an
> advertisement of that site) , it has over 200 pages indexed in Google
> earlier and today i found only 106 are still  there. However, my
> changed pages are listed higher when i type site:site_name.
> For this site, i must appreciate, i  made few changes in contents (
> actually removed them all, change the description meta-tags and links,
> and removed some javascript as per suggestion of Google guideline, the
> changes took place every now and then, almost over a span of one month)
>  I made those changes following the guideline of Google and  based on
> the reviews of my visitors, Initially the site picked up well in
> Google, but now it is gradually decreasing.
> Just now i tested it with a tool for prediction of pagerank. It enjoys
> PR3, but it is showing that it will be PR 0 ! . I'm really scared now.
> Now I know the symtopms and here is the site
> http://www.fancy-shoppe.com/
> Do you think it is also going to be de-indexed ?
> I''ve not been banned from Adsense as yet, i really admire, appreciate
> and try to follow up the policies set byGoogle.
> I do not know, how far convincing ( " really not plea") i may sound,
> but i really want to know the mistake i am making.Please tell me if you
> can locate that.
> Thanks anyway for your cordial opinion.
>  you have referred to

Now that you mention all of this, I am beginning to suspect that the fault
might not be at your end. I suggest you have a look at the following URL's
and attempt to align the symptoms to find out if you are merely the victim
of a Google error (sadly, many of us /are/):




(Thank you, Dmitri, for providing these links earlier on)

Best wishes and good luck,


PS - Please *do* quote when replying:
http://www.safalra.com/special/googlegroupsreply/ . If you don't, as well as
address the question directly to me, many of the other participants will be
unable or unwilling to help you.

Roy S. Schestowitz
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     ¦     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
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