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Re: Need help

__/ [ SID ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 07:50 \__

> Now that you mention all of this, I am beginning to suspect that the
> fault
> might not be at your end. I suggest you have a look at the following
> URL's
> and attempt to align the symptoms to find out if you are merely the
> victim
> of a Google error (sadly, many of us /are/):
> Thanks Roy, since last night, almost over twelve hours now, i've kept
> on guessing as to what mistake i might have done out of inadvertance.
> I've gone through the links that you have referred to right now and
> suspect that i'm not the lone victim of this epidemic.
> Well, will you please tell me, where can i request Google for a
> re-inclusion, i've although re-submitted my URL already for GoogleBot
> to crawl once again.

Don't (re-)submit the URL as it has no effect. What you probably want is the


I think it's a shame that this important point of reference continues to
reside in a personal, non-professional blog of an employee. They ought to
remove many such feature announcements and HOWTO's to a suitable domain. It
looks very unprofessional otherwise.

> And once again, i'll request anyone from Google's team to please look
> into this matter
> and suggest a way about what to do  in this case.

As a general clarification, no-one from Google read this newsgroup, as far as
I know. This is not the first time somebody assumes this. There is a
newsgroup whose address is google.public.support.general, but it's largely a
lonesome monologue. Google are channelling some people in that direction,
but there is barely any community to help over there...

> It is surprising, painful and heart-breaking to see it, yes i've no
> word to express my frustrations!
> Bye.

Many of us have been down this road of promaturely blaming ourselves for
something that was due to a server or search engine error. Don't get your
hopes down, but don't get them up either. Shouldn't someone coin a term for
that Google depression symptom, which has become so common? You know,
something like "Googlenerve" or "Googlenxiety"...?

Best wishes,


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