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Re: knode uploaded articles dates

__/ [ heavytull ] on Friday 12 May 2006 19:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Vahis ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 16:31 \__
>> > heavytull wrote:
>> >> i just started using knode, but i can't have the latest posts, usually
>> >> the latest i can get are up to end of March;
>> >> for instance in the alt.os.linux the latest knode doawnloads is the one
>> >> of 20th March
>> >>
>> >
>> > That's funny. The latest I have are from today :)
>> >
>> > Vahis
>> I am wondering if the nickname indicates that the poster is a troll in
>> cheap disguise.
> the poster is me, what in my nickname tells you that I'm a troll??
> but you reply to Vahis apparently;

Your nickname could be interpreted as something with a sexual connotation:
"heavy  tool".  At  past  and present, a famous Internet  Troll  known  as
/flatfish/  was  nymshifing  to idiotic names like "Barbara  Swallows"  or
"Bloody Mary" (made-up examples).

When  you  approach  a Linux newsgroup and complain about  something  that
related  to  Linux,  it is important not to be anonymous or  post  from  a
gateway  such as Google Groups. It sets a red flag in many people's  minds
and  you are unlikely to get an elaborate, useful answers. Clearly, people
misinterpreted your intent.

Which version of KNode are you using and which distribution? Which is your
news  server -- the one from which you get all the message downloaded?  It
could  be  malfunctioning.  Additionally,  can you confirm  that  you  are
viewing messages in the proper order? Are the newest messages appearing at
the top? Is this happening when you subscribe to other newsgroups?

Looking forward to your reply,


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