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Re: Merril Lynch Survey: SOA Up, Vista Down, Linux Up

__/ [ tab ] on Friday 12 May 2006 19:40 \__

>>>Among the CIOs surveyed, 58 percent of respondents said they expect to
>>>increase Linux use in 2006, with the bulk of the spending going to Red Hat
> this means SERVER to me.  Desktop is still WAY behind.
> [cut, see below]

You didn't read the article, did you. All the same, servers better integrate
with their own kind, assuming standards are encouraged.

__/ [ Stephen Fairchild ] on Friday 12 May 2006 21:34 \__

> tab wrote:
>> Nobody likes Vista.  But Microsoft can always dump it for a new XP.
> I thought they already had, but decided to call it Vista anyways.

You took my words away before I uttered them. *smile* Longhorn was scraped
in  September 2005 [1] and the project was re-undertaken from scratch.  It
was  codenamed Windows Vista just months later, in an evening announcement
from Gates.

Vista  offers what Service Pack III will have offered (planned for 2007 as
of  2-ish  years  ago),  only with Aero Glass planted  on  top.  Aero  was
probably  re-used,  having been developed in isolition and  maybeowing  to
modularity, which was a brand new concept to Microsoft. Speaking of which,
I hear that Aero leads to many BSoD's.


,----[ Quote ]
| WSJ: REDMOND, Wash. ? Jim Allchin, a senior Microsoft Corp. executive,
| walked into Bill Gates's office here one day in July last year to deliver
| a bombshell about the next generation of Microsoft Windows.
| "It's not going to work," Mr. Allchin says he told the Microsoft
| chairman. The new version, code-named Longhorn, was so complex its
| writers would never be able to make it run properly.
| The news got even worse: Longhorn was irredeemable because
| Microsoft engineers were building it just as they had always built
| software. Throughout its history, Microsoft had let thousands of
| programmers each produce their own piece of computer code, then
| stitched it together into one sprawling program. Now, Mr. Allchin
| argued, the jig was up. Microsoft needed to start over. 

You  know, I sometimes truly wonder if Microsoft's strategy of penetrating
the  Web (c/f Gates Memos) is not due to a growing trend of Web 2.0,  AJAX
and   Web  services.  Maybe  only  Gates  and  Allchin  really  know   how
troubled/rotten  the Windows project has become. It is too late to rebuild
it  and it's in a state of chaos. It already lags behind other O/Sen while
only  FUD/lockins keep it alive. The Office manager was recently  assigned
the  Windows  top hat. If you ask me, a good, secure, scalable  O/S  could
compete  with  Google  and Web-based software for a while. It  could  also
integrate  nicely  with these. As to Open Source... well, that's  a  whole
story that will have me going forever...

Best wishes,


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