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Re: Drupal rocks!!!

__/ [ rapskat ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 03:18 \__

> On Sun, 14 May 2006 01:10:21 +0100, [H]omer wrote:
>> Never considered blog or CMS (Content Management System) software
>> before, but just recently I thought it was about time to liven up the
>> old Website.
>> Looked into a few things, Wiki, blogs, forums, etc., and finally settled
>> on Drupal and phpBBS.
>> Of course I'm used to the phpBBS interface - *lots* of forums use it,
>> but Drupal is something totally new to me.
>> Well I'm happy to report that a new Domain is now up, setup with Drupal,
>> phpBBS and even a *shop*!!! Not that I've got anything to sell ... yet,
>> although I'm considering one or two things, now that I'm "retired" at
>> the ripe old age of 38!!!
>> Good God, Drupal is so easy. In fact the whole system setup at my host
>> provider was just a breeze.


>> Shamless plug of my *new* site (work in progress, although it is mostly
>> functional): http://slated.org
>> Right now I'm just goofing around with the content, hence the strange
>> taglines etc.
>> More info on Drupal: http://drupal.org

>From what I hear, and having just glanced at the back end of Drupal,
WordPress is easier to use (intuitiveness) and it is far more popular and
extensible. WordPress can also be used as a CMS. I should warm you, however,
that my opinion is biased.

> Thanks for that!  I've been looking for a CMS for my as yet non-existant
> forward-facing site. I want to just get the basics up and then offload it
> to someone else to manage for me, so I need something quick and relatively
> easy to setup, manage and update.
> I'll give this a try-see. :-)

I know hosts that will offer you one-click installation scripts and some
decent hosting for just a pound a month. Let me know if you are

Best wishes,


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