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Re: Google in The Dalles--what's up?

__/ [ Big Bill ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 23:22 \__

> On 14 May 2006 14:02:48 -0700, "NullBock" <loyal_caper@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>But this doesn't answer my (fairly mundane) question of what they are
>>building in The Dalles.  The dark web talk is interesting, but the
>>Cringely articles talk about installing plug n play data centers at
>>primary peering points.  It looks like they're building a multi-million
>>dollar campus outside The Dalles, which doesn't necessarily play into
>>this idea.
>>Currently, estimates of 50, 100 or 150 high-tech positions being
>>created at The Dalles are being floated.  What I'd *really* like to
>>know is what flavor of high tech.
> Go and apply then!
> BB

Ahhh... now I get you, Walter.

The  jobs  that  one Googleplex accommodates are rather diverse.  At  some
stage in the past, our Linux Users Group spoke of some openings, but these
were  non-technical  jobs. Apart from housekeeping, there  are  marketers,
developers  and  some system administration type of folks. Development  is
bound  to  and  is  closely correlated to Web  technologies,  as  you  can
imagine. Even desktop software is merely a front end interface to services
(with  the exclusion of Picasa and 3-D Sketching perhaps). In other words,
skill-wide,  much is focused traffic that comes from data centres down the


Google  opened or are opening some new 'branches' ("Googleplexes" as  they
are  called)  in Dublin and Zurich. I don't know about the States. In  the
past  (when  I was speaking to Google recruiters), I was under  the  clear
impression  that  skills  of  value include Debian  Linux.  Much  of  this
involved  sysadmining at some back room. That's the aspect which  involves
getting things to run, and run persistently.

Then  comes  desktop  development  and  creation  of  future  services  to
penetrare  the market (e.g. Google Labs). The staff develops software  and
sticks  to that 'code monkey' culture using Goobuntu, an housebred  Ubuntu
derivative. This applied to the very large majority of staff there. So, my
advice  to you would be to embrace Open Source. The demand for such skills
is known to be higher than what's available out there in the market. There
are  more  GNU/Linux  machines out there than staff who  can  handle  them
(without  reading  some  "for dummies" manual and staring at  the  monitor

Just don't brag in your application about MSWord and .NET skills...

Best wishes and good luck,


*Unless  _Wireless_,  which is something they are getting more  vigorously
into.  Announcement on collaboration with Nokia on the 770 model (Internet
tablet) is due out by Tuesday.

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