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Re: Google in The Dalles--what's up?

__/ [ NullBock ] on Monday 15 May 2006 08:56 \__

>> Google  opened or are opening some new 'branches' ("Googleplexes"
>> as  they are  called)  in Dublin and Zurich. I don't know about the
>> States.
>> In  the past  (when  I was speaking to Google recruiters), I was under
>> the  clear impression  that  skills  of  value include Debian  Linux. 
>> Much
>> of  this involved  sysadmining at some back room. That's the aspect which
>> involves getting things to run, and run persistently.
> Thanks, Roy.  I knew that Google were big open-sourcers using Linux.
> It also seems that they're fairly taken with Python...

Yes, definitely. Blame Brin for that...

> Are the Zurich/Dublin Googleplexes common knowledge?  I'm still curious
> as to whether the secrecy surrounding the The Dalles campus is typical,
> or if its business-as-usual for Google?

Let's just say that the media never made a big fuss about it. However:

Some months ago I came across:


It's not mainstream media, but it's something. They were also said to open
some office in Manchester some months ago.

> Anyway, thanks for the info,

You're welcome.


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