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Re: challenge-response filtering?

__/ [ Robert Singers ] on Monday 15 May 2006 07:07 \__

> Between saving the world and having a spot of tea Roy Schestowitz said
>> As  a  side note, did you know that half of the global traffic of spam
>>  is estimated  to  have been sent from compromised Windows boxes? I
>> find  that outrageous.
> Irrelevant to the effectiveness of challenge response.

True, but very relevant to their negative impact (or ideally, lack thereof).

> What do you find
> outrageous?  The existance of zombie networks or the fact that the
> largest installed O/S base has the largest number of compromised
> machines?

Both.  If  you leave the door open, somebody will come in. If you build  a
house  out  of  cardboard  and someone tears a hole, you  will  blame  the
architect  as  well.  Thieves and crooks exist by the nature  of  society.
Street smarts are something you must cope with. Neglecting to do so should
lead to one's demise until models are evolved to improvement. Sadly, after
many  years  of exploits, people have learned few lessons are have  simply
found themselves locked in (shackled to a cardboard building).

Best wishes,


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