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Re: Microsoft Set to Stone Self

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Monday 15 May 2006 16:21 \__

> DFS wrote:
>> Larry Qualig wrote:
>> > But don't try and disguise this as having some sort of relevancy
>> > towards Linux. The [news] where MS is giving their developers a bonus
>> > to fix Vista bugs is related to Linux how again?
>> Not that Roy "The Liar" Schestowitz would ever mention that a bounty is
>> paid for finding bugs in the public domain/OSS program TeX.

You are yet to prove I am a liar (but bear in mind that Larry is the only
Windows sidler to whom I reply). As I said earlier in a different context,
just because you don't like news that I deliver (re-post rather) doesn't
make me a liar.

Back to point: shame on you! A check for 2 dollars 56 cents (which is a joke
by the way... 8^2) is no true reward and most people frame these checks
rather than cash in.

> I think that TeX is a bit different. (Will Windows ever have as few
> bugs as TeX?) Here Donald Knuth is trying to show how rock-solid TeX is
> that he's willing to put his own money on the line to anyone who can
> find a bug. In Vistas case I don't think the issue is "finding bugs"
> but rather getting them all fixed.

It is merely an indicator of a state where many remain in tact, yet to be
found. They require a lot of rigour due to the irreversible complexity of
the system (needs a 60% re-write). A modular system need not /necessarily/
be tested in its integrated form as an almighty Vista beta. Its constituent
parts can be exhausitively tested for boundary conditions and banged on
rather hard by its implementers and testers. Think X.org or OpenSSH. These
babies never ever crash on me unexpectedly.

> I'm sure there's some OSS example of this... I just don't think that
> TeX is that example.

Best wishes,


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