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Re: Flash Designers

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Saturday 20 May 2006 15:43 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> No, it gets very little spam, but there are also few followups.
> I think that's quite normal for an announcement type of group.

The group was much more lively in the past, I suspect.

Intersting story, by the way: the Flash newsgroup was the first public
newsgroup (i.e. UseNet, that is; outside the Computer Science Department) to
which I posted a message. This goes back to 2002, I think. My second message
came loose in 2004 or maybe December-ish 2003. What's rather shocking is
that some of these first message I sent from OE (I was bored at work) and I
even top-posted. The first post was sent from Mozilla Mail.

A close friend of mine was more keen and he posted to UseNet (unaware of the
consequences) back in 1997/8-ish, when he was about 16. He posted some poor
and careless messages in haste. He addressed sound card, music, and games
newsgroup. He wasn't too excited when I showed him Google Groups' 'catch' a
couple of years ago. He never knew it was bound to become public, just like
many others (gb<number> from alt.www.webmaster?).

>> It's a
>> bit like the servers/Apache newsgroup where there are many orphaned
>> queries. Some of the problems are very difficult, e.g. server setups
>> as opposed to use of server.
> Yup, so much for the community support of OS. Which is not wrong IMO, I
> mean, it makes it possible for professional support on OS, and hence makes
> OS easier to accept in companies.

Very true. To be honest with you, I post over 50 messages per day to Linux
newsgroups. It makes everyone happy.

>> Because they come from employees in large
>> companies, there is often little incentive to help.
> I doubt it has much to do with that, I mean, you think people refuse to
> help because an employee of a big question asks for help? That's a silly
> assumption. I think it has more to do with: if you want this one answered,
> hire me. In the perl group I see now and then people asking for a complete
> solution. It takes too much time.

Yes, exactly. But, you see, when some large budget company sends an employee
to UseNet, you can't help but think that you could be hired to tackle the
problem or complete the task. I am very much in favour of hose who have
problem and cannot seek help elsewhere. It is often the case with
community-driven software and personal Web sites.

Best wishes,


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