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Re: [News] CNN Torvalds Interview

__/ [ Tony Sivori ] on Saturday 20 May 2006 13:57 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Reclusive Linux founder opens up
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | (CNN) -- Portland, Oregon is the unlikely capital of a global software
>> | revolution. The revolution is called Open Source. And its leader?
>> Linus | Torvalds, the reclusive founder of Linux. `----
>> http://edition.cnn.com/2006/BUSINESS/05/18/global.office.linustorvalds/
> Thanks for posting, Roy. I look forward to your news items each morning,
> they are my favorite reading before I start my workday.

Wow! Thanks, man. I wake up at 3 AM in order to catch up...

> I wish Linus would do more interviews, especially with the truly
> mainstream press like CNN. That kind of publicity puts Linux in the public
> consciouses more than any set of features or superiority when compared to
> certain other operating systems.

I think that unlike those 'other operating systems' (Jobs and Gates notably),
he has little control over the press, so the public eye doesn't not perceive
him as a 'celebrity', yet. OSDL, GNOME, KDE and so forth likewise, with the
exceptions that is Novell.

Don't underestimate the connections that Microsoft and Apple have got in
Holywood, the press, and television. They still dominate the news if you
count by the number of items. I am particularly referring to outlets such as
the Yahoo News front page, CNN.com, Fox, and bbc.co.uk. There's a
chicken-and-egg situation here (albeit no doubt nepotism plays a role at
times). More Linux exposure will be warranted when more of the public shows
inrerest, usually by becoming dependent upon it, i.e. becoming a user. The
media doesn't 'play fair', so to speak. It gives people what gives them
better ratings (therefore cash). I don't want to sounds like a parrot, but I
once compared this to political races where there is the notion of
equal/balanced air time. But software is not politics (well, not to

> Linus has a great sense of humor. He comes off with some wonderful one
> liners.
> [Interviewer] : Now you are something of a rock star in tech circles...
> [Linus] : Normally I am not recognized, people don't throw their panties
> at me.

A famous line went along the lines of "I am not trying to destroy Windows,
but the diminish of Windows might be a _side-effect_"

With kind regards,


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