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Re: Recommended Web Hsots

__/ [ thehuby ] on Thursday 18 May 2006 19:41 \__

> I have been using heartinternet.co.uk - their package is absolutely
> spot on (functionally at least) but we are having lots of issues with
> downtime and reliability.
> Basically we consider ourselves to be a premium web design company and
> unfortunately we are not using a decent host to match our clients
> expectations.
> Can anyone recommend a decent reseller account taking into account the
> following requirements:
>  - PHP4.4+with GD libraries installed
>  - MySQL
>  - Telephone support
>  - flexible on the amount of databases, email accounts (I want easy
> pricing rather than having hundreds of optional extras here there and
> everywhere).
> Can be a shared environment, Linux preffered.
> Thanks in advance.
> Rick
I would recommend my Web host (yay!) despite their downtime issues this
morning (boo!). They generally sustain a good uptime and are very
affordable. They answer questions and address queries immediately and I
believe you can convince them to give you telephone support. The packages
are very extensible too. All you need to do is ask and top it up with a
small payment.


Best wishes,


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