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Re: [News] Cuba Says Hasta La Vista, Adios Windows

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Friday 19 May 2006 00:18 \__

> On Thursday 18 May 2006 23:00 The Ghost In The Machine wrote:
>>> That's not a cigar, and that's not his face.
>> No, but if one tries to light it, the results might be ... painful.
>> But kudos to Cuba for going free...now if only the political system
>> would follow suit. :-)
> Heh:-)
> OK guys, I read what you've written, and the whole thing (imo) is actually
> a bit deeper than maybe you good people are making out.
> Sure, I've no love for Castro etc., but the whole episode does bring
> something out, does it not?  Step into the realms of FOSS, and there can be
> no embargo on your S/W, no interference by foreign governments or
> corporations.  You become your own master.

Intersting, Bill. I have thought and revolved around the fact that software
is not physical and it can be duplicated (almost) infinitely at (almost) no
cost. I never thought about the issues that are restrictions, immobility and
ownership in this context. But you are right: One thing that the world
cannot deprive Cuba from is software.

> This applies to the goodies as well as the baddies.
> I don't really wear a tinfoil beanie (well, not ALL the time), but to catch
> a hint of the sort of thing that worries me, just take a look at this:-
> http://www.theregister.com/2006/05/18/cia_snooping/

That's just bloody appalling. Do you know that much of the US public did not
mind the whole NSA controversy. Later, companies like Verizon were sued for
something of the order of 5 billion dollars. The US Government has become
ridiculous in so many ways. Censoring and suppressing particular things
while eavesdropping in stealth? It is becoming a Nanny Nation; much worse
than Australia even.

Best wishes,


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