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Re: [News] Ubuntu Corporate Push

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Ubuntu Linux Vendor Plans Upgrade, Corporate Push
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Ubuntu Linux has gained more than 2 million users worldwide since its
> | release in October 2004, according to Canonical Ltd., a small vendor on
> | the Isle of Man that oversees the software.
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | One of the reasons we delayed the release of Ubuntu 6.06 by six weeks,
> | until June, was because we plan to support it for three years on the
> | desktop and five years on the server. And that decision was driven by
> | requests from businesses. Both the PC vendors and business users wanted
> | a longer support cycle.
> `----

That is good thinking, you get sick of upgrading on servers simply because
the vendor has dropped your version, when you know they isn't really enough
change in the base system to warrant it. 

Then they is the trouble of home users who are the sort that just want to
use the system rather than play with it, they are given the hassle and risk
of of updating to a new version when it isn't really necessary. I know they
don't have to upgrade, but the Linux press pushes them, mainly because the
Linux press needs new distros and new versions just so they have something
to write about.

Plus they is an advantage to the distro vendors in extending their support
period, when I user is pushed to do an upgrade it is then that they are
likely to try another flavour. But, if they have had a a Linux on their
machine for 4-5 years they are likely to have built up a trust for that
distro that it would be hard for other distros to shift.

They can still upgrade libs and applications as and when they fancy.

Now, the trick these days of cause is getting a hard drive that will last
the full 5 years, it wont be a SATA obviously (SATA = spawn of the devil).
Thank goodness we have raid systems, the hard drive vendors sell two drives
to replace one, but we have no choice but to mirror because we know the
SATA drive isn't going to last very long. Could end up changing drives in
our raid arrays as quickly as we change our under pants with SATA's rate of
failure, imagine that, a new drive every Sunday morning.

(PS: I don't really only change my under pants on Sunday mornings).

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