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Re: Ipod/Itunes for Linux?

  • Subject: Re: Ipod/Itunes for Linux?
  • From: ac <"aec$news"@candt.waitrose.com>
  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 19:34:46 +0100
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ Geoffrey Clements ] on Tuesday 16 May 2006 12:19 \__

"Geoffrey Clements" <geoffrey.clementsNO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:4469b11e$1_1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Gordon" <gordon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My son has just been given an Ipod Nano for his 21st birthday - does
know if there is a Linux equivalent of the Itunes software?
Not exactly equivalent but will let you get music on the iPod : gtkpod,
For podcasts: ipodder

 oh, I forget to say that you may need HFS+ support in your kernel (I
haven't played with a Nano so I'm not sure), either that or convert your
iPod to another format: http://www.gnu.org/software/gnupod/gnupod.html#SEC6

AmaroK supports it and it provides a nice front end, which integrates with your media. AmaroK comes with KDE, which I believe you are using, Gordon. I also believe that SongBird (Proof of Ceoncept 0.2) should have some capability as such. iPods are not as hard as people imagine when it comes to Linux integration. Handhelds likewise. It's only hearsay that's a deterrent.

itunes manages writing to the ipod and I think, reading from, and maybe playing from as well.
I have not used amarok much at all, but I had the impression it is a read only audio player (?), so there is limited functionality compared to itunes

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