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Re: Calendar application problem.

__/ [ dhoffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 17 May 2006 11:03 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Unless you have a gigantic-sized calendar, you will not need a CD. Just
>> upload the database (datebook.PDF if I recall correctly) to a
>> file/Webspace or put it on a USB drive.


Oops. Should have typed PDB (as in "DataBase"). Must be a Fruedain slip or a
typing habit.

> I don't see any fiile on the PC that looks like that.  Not in Backups
> or anywhere else.  I'm assuming the data is in the file "User Data"
> which is not accessible for just the datebook data file as such.

I am not entirely sure about the Mac (as my wrong pointer to path indicated
*giggle*), but under PalmID, I suspect you will have some more directories,
some of which will be named after the built-in PIM application that they
correspond to. Try looking for that. Otherwise, pull that Apple Sherlock
thingie (I was once an OS 9 person *smile*) and search for a file called
DatebookDB.pdb .

> Now if one is using a file manager utiility on the Palm then the files
> CalendarDB-PDat and DatebookDB are accessible individually.  But only
> on the Palm.

Yes, and you can get the free utility called RFSBackup to copy them all to an
SD card. With a card reader, these will even be readable on your main
workstation. It's a worthwhile thing to explore, trust me.

>> For competition, it will reside under Applications -> Palm on Mac OS X, if
>> I recall correctly.
> ComputerName > OSX > Users > UserName > Documents > Palm > Users >
> PalmID   But as I said the file isn't there, Just "User Data".

Kettle > Black > Mug

Best wishes,


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