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Re: Google Page Depletion Continues

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Could anyone comment on patterns of crawling and volume of crawling,
> from Google in particular? 

Leisurely (lazy?) crawling explains best what I see on all but one site.
On this one site Googlebot behaves like Slurp, gobbling up thousands of
pages per day and actually already going circles 'cause I think there are
no more new pages left. There is no reason I can identify for that strange
behavior except maybe a software bug? Did I forget to mention that the
crawled pages never make it into the index? 

> The number of indexed pages falls by the day and
> there is little flux at the moment. The loss propagates to all datacentres,
> not just Big Daddy. 

I think Matt Cutts was little too quick to call Big Daddy "complete". They
therefore lost a good opportunity to blame all problems on the deployment
issues. So, officially Big Daddy == Google. Has been since late March.

> It makes this seem irreversible (not trivially
> reversible so
> anyway).

It sure does seem that way here, too. It will soon be one month after I've
cleaned some redirect and canonical issues on my largest site and no
improvements have been observed yet. 

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