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Re: Link scam

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [ John Bokma ] on Tuesday 16 May 2006 14:14 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> For example: for the past 4 months there has been this Chinese guy
>>> who kept spamming one of my Wikis every couple of days.
>> Did you report this to his ISP? I recently got several comment spams
>> clearly coming from the same zombie network, and I guess/hope I
>> cleaned up a few of them :-D.
> I  am  always trying to think what will be the least time consuming.

My comment handling program does some simple sanity checks, and most 
spam attempts are nipped in the bud. What comes through is reported, 
manually at the moment, but I am thinking about automating it if it gets 
more serious.

> It's natural to choose procrastination and follow the impulse to
> purge. When it doesn't  stop, what else can you do? I recently made it
> more apparent that over  50% of all E-mail traffic comes from
> compromised Windows boxes. What can  the ISP's do? They are reluctant
> to disconnect these machines because Windows  remains prevalent.

You're mistaken. A lot of ISPs disconnect infected machines otherwise 
they end up in block lists quite fast. And some people block not an IP, 
but pick an entire range. So they rather kick one customer off line 
instead of waiting it out and then get many customers complaining about 
issues they suddenly seem to have with email and sites.

> As
> for CMS spam, they use proxies. The pattern is too wild to permit safe
> exclusion rules. 

As of IP addresses, true. Hence reporting them makes sense, since the 
same proxy (or better: zombie) is used on many boards. The more people 
complain the more serious this is taken and zombie networks are taken 

> PS  - I read your new page on phpBB spam. I have exactly the same
> problem, but  the  forum  is otherwise dormant. Please keep posting 
> on  the  topic (JB.com  or  AWW) if you can pull a trick/card off your
> sleeve *smile*.

Thanks. And yeah, one option might be to register the IP address if 
someone registers with an URL, and get an email, and report it if it's 
bad. And make it known. That proxy-checker was quite active.

> I vehemently  hate  the  clucky interface of phpBB
> admin  because  it  makes management (cleanup rather) very cumbersome,
> so I do it once a month. 

Amen to that. The admin interface is one of the worse UIs I've ever 
seen. So many things could be done easier. I use two browsers, one to 
get the members that signed up, and the other to copy paste the name 
into, and hit delete.

My board now states on sign up that people have to post, otherwise they 
are deleted after a few days. I might add a cron job that automates this 
process :-D.


Google Suggest Perl script http://johnbokma.com/perl/google-suggest.html

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