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Re: Linux Shielded Against Patents

__/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Tuesday 23 May 2006 21:33 \__

> The more important function here is that they are able to challenge
> patents in which OSS prior art was not cited.  Often, the net result is
> that the patent is automatically awarded to the originator of the prior
> art.

What about the UNIX patent/concept library, which Groklaw has recently begun
compiling? You can find references in the Web site. Also, see the following:

Competitive Technologies Grants License to Linux Software Labs

,----[ Quote ]
| Competitive Technologies has announced that a license has been granted
| to Linux Software Labs, Inc. of Swartz Creek, Michigan, for use of
| intellectual property relating to CTT's Event Driven Information
| System technology, including systems using RFID.


There are more such stories, but this latest large-scale move is grabbing
many headlines at the moment. It can shatter that IP FUD which comes
Ballmer's mouth (or armpits).

> I find it amusing that the push for patent laws is now backfiring.  The
> big push behind wanting patents was to prevent Open Source technologies
> from using proprietary algorythms.  Yet because the Open Source
> technologies nearly always precede the proprietary implementations.
> Furthermore, because the algorythms are being protected, it doesn't
> matter how the algorythm is expressed, which means that the OSS
> technology can not only be patented, but it can also be used to cover
> all minor alterations of expressions (different programming languages,
> minor deviations in formatting and using if/else vs case or while vs
> until).
> I have heard a number of NASA spokesmen who have said "If NASA got even
> the most basic royalties for all of the innovations it could have
> patented since 1963, then NASA would not only be self-supporting, but
> those patent royalties would have paid off the national debt".   I
> first heard that in 1980.

If that royalty money comes from tax-paying industry, what would be the
difference? NASA is virtually being fed (also Fed) by money which its
innovation generated. It's a healthy reciprocal cycle. It ought to be
further encouraged.

Best wishes,


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