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Re: Who links to me ?

__/ [ Paul B ] on Tuesday 23 May 2006 22:17 \__

> On Tue, 23 May 2006 17:12:54 -0400, "Paolo Nascimbeni"
> <paolonascimbeni@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Is there a way to see only the external  links to my website ?
>>link:www.lifeinitaly.com will return a mix of internal and external links -
>>I would like to see just the external links-
> This may help you, and it's free.
> http://www.cleverstat.com/backlinks-software.htm
> plh
> Paul
Also use the same syntax in Yahoo, which will return more results. However,
links to self (internal) will be included among the results.

I never knew that alexa.com did something similar.... until now. However,
while I know about related sites, I can't find anything for backlinks, as
suggested elswhere in this thread. Moreover, "link:" is an operator which I
know is not supported by MSN. Ever since Alexa accepted a payment to move to
leave Google and take MSN (with a promotional statement), I no longer care
for them. Perhaps neither should you... *smile*

Reminds me of:

,----[ Quote ]
| GoDaddy was
| using Apache (I assume on Linux) because it was a great technical
| solution. They didn't switch to IIS on Windows Server 2003 for any
| technical reason. The switch was accompanied by a press release by
| GoDaddy, containing Microsoft promotional language. Now, I've changed
| many servers from one thing to another, but I've never made a press
| release about it. GoDaddy wouldn't be doing that unless Microsoft had
| offered them something valuable in return. There has been talk in the
| domain business that Microsoft has been offering the large domain
| registries a wad of cash to switch their parked sites. There is no
| other reason to do this than to influence the Netcraft figures.


They are paying off Web hosts as well, as means of manipulating figures.



,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has made a flash training course for their business sales reps.
| It contains Linux user arguments against Windows and (my favorite part)
| dollar figure values for converting stereotypical Linux users into
| windows.

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