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Re: [News] Pay As You Go Computing?!?!

So anyway, it was like, 09:41 CEST May 23 2006, you know? Oh, and, yeah,
Roy Schestowitz was all like, "Dude,

> Who spends $1000 on a personal computer?

You answer your own question, whatever "power users" really mean. I've
never been able to figure that one out, unless it's the dude next door
who thinks he's a computer administrator just because he can change
the theme on his new XP box and will be knocking on my door 15 minutes
later because he can't find "the internet" after downloading that cool
appearance mod.

> power users

Add to that anyone who wants a decent gaming box (and, no, a console
just isn't the same to many people, me included) for playing the
latest Need for Speed or Whateverstrike or a developer - or anyone who
just likes shiny toys. The video card will probably chew up at /least/
those 300 bucks you suggest will be enough for "most people" if one
likes to turn on all the bells and whistles (I know I do) in the
latest mindless 3D-orgy released on the (not so) unsuspecting public.

$1000 (given the current exchange rate) is pretty much what most
"regular" people around here will be prepared to pay for a new
computer, in my experience. Not counting a monitor, even.


I have no idea what the rest of the discussion was really about, so
I'll just stay out of it. :)

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