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Re: [Mews] World's First Open Souce 3-D Film is on YouTube

__/ [ Handover Phist ] on Monday 22 May 2006 22:20 \__

> Roy Schestowitz :
>> Streaming Flash, 10-minutes long. GIMP, Bender 3D, Ubuntu and other FOSS
>> programs were used to make this fun a reality.
> Or you can get it at the source. Much higher quality.
> http://orange.blender.org/

Less  convenient, in my humble opinion. The same goes for the popular  XGL
videos.  I  quite  liked  the introduction and subsequent  rise  of  video
embedment  in Flash. They make content more accessible in more cases (with
the exclusion of PDA's perhaps).

When Google fist announced it last year, they called it the inter-operable
video  player.  Look how far is has all come. Need anyone  truly  download
films when they are so easy to discover and stream (for free)? I hear that
YouTube  are  having  financial troubles, by the way, and AOL are  due  to
compete  with  them. Expect some takeovers, /a la/ Flickr. Digg  might  be
another company to be adopted by a giant.

Just   a   decade   ago,  who  would  have  thought  that   something   so
bandwidth-intensive  would go Web-based? If films can make the transition,
anything  can.  Applications  included (Ajax, Web 2.0  hype).  As  regards
throughput limitations*, dark fibre is coming.

Best wishes,


*Some  stories talk about how comminication can be crippled due to traffic
of  video streams and downloads over the Web. During E3, 600 terabytes  of
bandwidth were consumed by Halo 3 alone.

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