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Re: Word 0-day, recommended defenses.

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 23 May 2006 00:57 \__

> Quote:
> ------------------
> The diary about the targeted attacks using a zero-day exploit against
> Word triggered a lot of questions about how to defend against such an
> attack. We understand that many organizations can not do without Word
> documents, so here a few ideas on how to defend against these attacks.
> Note that this is not a temporary situation that will blow over soon.
> Microsoft will release a patch against this problem in June, but even
> after that there are likely to be other attacks using other exploits.
> So let's think a bit beyond the next couple of days on how to defend
> your network.

I wonder if this article stresses the point that the attacks are already live
and kicking. Many E-mails (probably sent from Windows zombies) are
targetting corporate networks.

> [Many suggestions made.  Then the last one:]
> consider the possibility of disabling Word and replacing it with
> OpenOffice until Microsoft releases patches.

What about AbiWord? It even has a grammar checker. I think that OpenOffice is
winning some great deal of publicity, often in seclusion to its
counterparts, which share a similar codebase.

> ---------------
> End quote
> http://isc.sans.org/diary.php?storyid=1347

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