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Re: SUSE 10.1 - bummer!

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Monday 22 May 2006 20:52 \__

> This is a bit of a bummer....
> 1. Installation very straightforward
> 2. "Non-OSS stuff" provided
> 3. Found video card and monitor with no hassle.
> 4. On-board sound found OK
> 5. Knew from experience that the Kyocera would be wrong -
>      so changed it to Kyocera-Mita at install time.  Works great.

Why wouldn't it work? *smile*

> 6. Epson Perfection 2480 PHOTO was "not supported" when I
>     bought it - so I installed it and ran xsane to check - worked great:-)

[SuSE 9.3] Mine worked once I selected my scanner model in YaST2 (Next ->
Next -> Finish-type job). XSane is an excellent piece of software,
especially in comparison with that piece of Mickey Mouse software HP
supplied in the accompanying CD.

> 7. Plug in camera, "Open in new window?  Browse with Gwenview? Open in
> Digicam?  Do nothing?"......

My camera just appeared as a device once plugged in. No configuration ever
needed. Automounting is transparent.

> 8. Plug in (generic) 1GB pen.  "Open in new Window?  Do nothing?"....
> 9. Try Firefox (installed, along with Konq and Opera!).
>     Works fine, so 'net connection OK.
> 10.  Try BBC.  Click on video, watch and listen to news.....

Novell have begun pre-loading the software with needed plug-ins. Windows, on
the contrary, requires some installations and addons, which are fetched from
a variety of places, unlike Packman RPM's. The proprietary codecs likewise.

> 11.  Other systems?  Check 3 other Linux installs bootable, along with W98
> and W2K (really MUST load some apps into those Windows systems - only
> started the install last August.....!)
> 12. Fonts?  Fonts?  They look great!

SuSE and Fedora have excellent fonts. I can't say that Ubuntu lacks any,

> 13.  Enough for one session.  Reboot into 9.3.  Check news.  What's this
> about adjusting OO.o so that it loads in 1 second?  .... and what about
> this XGL stuff?  I know what - I'll duplicate the partition so that I have
> a "spare" to play with, and bung it on the GRUB list - nothing wrong with
> sextuple or septuple boots, is there.....?

Nothing wrong with that!

> 14.  This is all too easy.  It's just point-and-click.  Even I get to feel
> as though I know what I'm doing!

[sarcasm /] But wait! Have you already got Service Packs I and II? Have you
installed anti-malware and anti-virus software? What about Acrobat Reader
and other needed applications? Yes, I know it's all great right now, but it
may collapse in a couple of weeks. Are you already getting pop-ups? They
take, on average, 12 minutes to take over your O/S. Then again, you already
have a couple of card games and a splendid graphical image manipulation
suite (paint.exe), so how dare you complain? You truly got your money'$

> Like I said, bummer!  Those are all Wintroll complaints from the past 2
> years, and they just don't exist.  What are the poor sods going to come up
> with now?  Have N. no heart?  The Wintrolls are going to need
> re-training....
> (When is this new Ubuntu due?)

Beginning of May. You can order 5 free copies of Kubuntu, Edubuntu or Ubuntu
6 already.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
http://Schestowitz.com  |     GNU/Linux 8.1  ¦     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
  7:10am  up 25 days 13:49,  11 users,  load average: 1.77, 1.62, 1.80
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