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Re: [News] Steve Ballmer to Get the Boot?

__/ [ The Ghost In The Machine ] on Monday 22 May 2006 17:00 \__

> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Sinister Midget
> <sinister@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  wrote
> on Mon, 22 May 2006 06:00:26 GMT
> <jf08k3-rqk.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> On 2006-05-21, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
>> something concerning:
>>> Ballmer on the Chopping Block
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| There's speculation on Wall Street that Microsoft is going to dump CEO
>>>| Steve Ballmer and hold him responsible for the company's ills like not
>>>| being able to get its stock price to move off the dime. There's no
>>>| speculation about who would succeed him yet, just a shiver of
>>>| apprehension when Bill Gates' name comes up.
>>> `----
>>> http://osdir.com/Article8737.phtml
>>> ALso in: http://opensource.sys-con.com/read/224769.htm
>> Fire Fester?? Maybe they can hire Morticia as a replacement:
>> http://tinyurl.com/kaqmo
> Just so long as she doesn't speak French.  That gets Gomez Addams all
> excited. :-)

The Wikipedia page is sure not there to compliment or praise her. Wikis are,
after all, the pet of an Open Source community.

,----[ Quote ]
|       An example of her opinion on how Open Source Software is handled shows
| in this remark (quoted from a phone interview from her home in
| Massachusetts): "The thing about Linux is, you can talk about a free,
| open operating system all you want, but you can't take that idea of free
| and open and put it into a capitalist system and maintain it as though it
| is some kind of hippie commune or ashram, because if you can do it like
| that, at that point I'm like, 'Pass the hookah please!'"
|       On another occasion, she made a similar comment: "I'm all for open
| source, and competition serves everyone's interest. But if Linux is really
| to take its place alongside Windows... then the vendors in this space
| cannot act like a bunch of hippies in a '60s commune or ashram. There
| really is no such thing as a free lunch."


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