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Re: Help! I can't escape the Google Sandbox. What's the secret?

On Sun, 21 May 2006 20:07:15 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [ WebPageFX ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 17:42 \__
>> Help!  I can't escape the Google Sandbox.  What's the secret?
>Take the left on the corridor, step up the ladder, grab sledgehammer, then
>break glass. But quick. After 60 seconds, the Lemmings break loose.

No, you're confused, it's "Say Thorin, open window - say Thorin, carry
me, say Thorin, go East" and presto! You're out of the Google Sandbox!
Oh no, sorry, that was the Goblin's Dungeon. Easy mistake,  though!

>> My new sites rank great in Yahoo and MSN but Google they are not in the
>> first 500 listings.
>How old is the site and what is its size? I suppose I could just check, but
>it's safer to get the answer from you.

I can't be bothered to look either.

>> I've purchased about $500 in quality links to the websites and it's
>> been about 6+ months.  I would purchase more but the key phrase
>> aren't in completive markets.
>I hope you picked sites or directories that were related to the theme of your
>site. Otherwise, they are said to count for nothing.

They may well count for nothing anyway if Google has identified the
sites you purchased the links from as being a link sales site, and
nulled them accordingly.

>> Here are 2 examples:
>> http://www.yorkpawebdesign.com  (#1 for York PA Web Design in Yahoo &
>> MSN)
>> http://www.mrconcretecountertops.com  (Ranks great for "city/state on
>> home page and "concrete countertops" on Yahoo & MSN but not Google)
>Are you aware of the fact that purchasing of links is frowned upon? Some say
>that you must get few links from high status sites rather than get that
>organic mix-n-match. Today I discovered that one of my very sidal pages was
>elevated to PagaRank 6 because of just 3 links. That's higher than the
>PageRank of my front page, which has thousands of incoming links, many of
>which are rather strong. Something must be indicating that I am directly or
>indirectly responsible for setting up these links (mainly in forums and a
>diversity of sidebars).

Or it could just be a glitch. See how it is in three months.

>> Maybe i just need to be more patient with Google or are they some
>> directories or press releases that would help me crack their rankings?

>Have you got DMOZ listing/s?

Yahoo, etc? Actually, thinking about it, it wouldn't be a bad thing if
you told us where (generally) you bought the links from, sites or
directories. Some directories are said by some to be ok, and others
have their doubts, if you look at my page you'll see links to lists of
directories that I think are ok, www.kruse.co.uk/linkpop.htm and if
you look here

one of those same lists gets kind of damned by faint praise. So you
gotta decide for yourself what it is you gotta do, as they say.



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