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Re: It's Official: Microsoft is Dying Very Quickly

__/ [ wd ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 17:53 \__

> On Sun, 21 May 2006 15:45:15 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Let is face a certain reality. Microsoft are dwindling more quickly than
>> anybody anticipated. The stocks show it, the investors say so, and there
>> is other evidence all around us.
>> http://www.schestowitz.com/Weblog_Frames/msft_slumps.jpg (15%+ drop in
>> less than one month!)
>> All that this company can do is reach out for its deep pockets (filled
>> with tainted gold) and *pay* Web hosts to pick up Windows over superior
>> software, which is *free*. This is a proven fact. Also, they sell the XBox
>> 360 for a considerable loss. That's a _well-known_ fact.
> Pay web hosts to use Windows?

Yes, it's true. Rewards for migration to IIS. After all, Apache is better
*and* free, so why change? It allows them to change their sales pitch.
Ironically, both Ballmer and the head of the servers team at Microsoft have
confirmed that Open Source is ahead in the server room. They admitted the
truth. Then came some clueless guy FUD'ing it on BBC World, only one week

Best wishes,


PS - If you need references, just ask.

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